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Intel Core i5-11600K Review

Intel's Core i5-10600K has delivered decent gaming performance and the new Core i5-11600K leaps forward by about ten percent.

In addition the new 11th Gen family of CPUs add support for PCI Express Gen 4 so if you have been thinking about the benefits of a new SSD, well this may be the prompt you need to make that particular decision. While we have not yet tested the performance of sub-Z590 motherboards we would be most surprised if H570 and B560 did not support Core i5-11600K just as well as a more expensive Z590 model.

It is clear from our testing that AMD Ryzen 5 5600X beats the Core i5 in almost every department so the natural choice is to select an AMD B550 motherboard and plug in the Ryzen 5. We can assure you the end result will perform impressively well.

The thing is that Ryzen 5 is relatively expensive and B550 motherboards aren't especially cheap so the Core i5-11600K looks like quite a bargain at £249, and if you buy the F version without a graphics core you save a further £30. Whoever would have thought that Intel has become the budget option for PC builders.

The i5-11600K is in stock at Overclockers UK, priced at £248.99 HERE.


  • Very good value for money.
  • Supports PCIe Gen. 4.
  • Runs nice and cool.


  • Draws significantly more power than Ryzen 5.
  • Intel does not include a cooler.
  • Requires a 400 or 500 series motherboard.

KitGuru says: Power draw is undeniably high, but the i5-11600K is much more attractive than its i9 sibling.

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Rating: 8.5.

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