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AMD to focus on 8-core dies for first Zen processors

It has been a while since we have heard anything to do with AMD's upcoming crop of Zen processors but this week, we finally learned a bit more about AMD's potential plans for the launch later this year. According to reports, AMD is said to be sticking to eight core dies when fabricating the first mainstream Zen CPUs for release this year.

According to Italian site, Bitsandchips, AMD will be focussing on eight-core chips to start off with, ensuring that the first wave of x86 Zen CPUs will be as powerful as possible. However, lesser yields could then be used for six-core or quad-core chips later on. It is said that this method will help AMD save money by focussing on one die and re-purposing bad yields, rather than trying to fabricate multiple variants.


This is all heavy rumour territory for the time being but so far when it comes to AMD's plans for 2016, we have only really heard about an 8-Core CPU, which is apparently heading our way in October this year. There was also some concern that AMD may miss the 2016 window but the company has reaffirmed a couple of times that the first mainstream Zen processor is coming this year.

KitGuru Says: AMD's first Zen processors are fast approaching, particularly if the October release window is to be believed. That said, we are dealing with unofficial information so things can change. Are any of you waiting to see what AMD brings to the CPU market later this year? 

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