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BIOS fix begins rolling out to fix Destiny 2 on 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs

Last week, it was widely reported that Destiny 2 was not able to run on AMD’s new 3rd Gen Ryzen processors and X570 motherboards. Bungie began investigating the issue fairly swiftly but it turns out that the main problem was on the AMD side, as Destiny 2 and several major Linux distributions were all affected by the same issue.

An issue with a specific instruction set caused some versions of Linux to become unable to boot with 3rd Gen Ryzen and Destiny 2 couldn’t launch at all. Bungie has confirmed that AMD has found the cause of the issue and has begun rolling out a BIOS update to fix the problem:

This BIOS update has been with motherboard partners for a few days now for testing and validation. Each motherboard vendor will be working on a slightly different timetable but it is best to check the product page for your particular X570 motherboard for BIOS updates.

Bungie hasn’t said anything further on the issue, although it is odd that Destiny 2 was the only major game affected by this.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully once these BIOS updates are widespread, the issue should be resolved for Destiny players looking to upgrade. Although not everyone is comfortable working with motherboard BIOS updates, so it isn’t exactly the most user-friendly fix.

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