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Intel CPU prices start to drop ahead of AMD’s Ryzen launch

Reviews for AMD's Ryzen 7 processors are still under embargo for a few more days but it looks like early performance reports have already put Intel on the defensive, with significant price cuts hitting the Core i7 and Core i5 series of desktop CPUs. These price cuts not only affect Broadwell-E enthusiast class chips but the mainstream 7700K and 7600K Kaby Lake chips too.

Several retailers in the US have begun cutting prices of Intel CPUs across the board, with Micro Center being the most notable, reducing the Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K from $380 to $299 and the Core i5 7600K from $270 to $199. Moving on to Broadwell-E CPUs and we can see larger price cuts, with the Core i7 6950x coming down from $1900 to $1600. The Octa-core 6900K has gone from $1199.99 to $999.99 and the six core Core i7 6850K has gone from $700 to $550. The 6800K has also been knocked down from $500 to $360.

These appear to be the most dramatic price cuts so far, Newegg and Amazon US have also been lowering prices for Intel CPUs but not quite to the same extent. These appear to be voluntary price cuts so pricing will vary from retailer to retailer but overall, this seems to be a good start to fostering more competition in the high-end CPU market.

KitGuru Says: These initial price cuts have been popping up in the US over the last few days but right now there seems to be quite a bit of variance between retailers. Hopefully things start to settle over the coming weeks as more retailers evaluate pricing in the midst of AMD's Ryzen launch. 

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  1. Why can’t we know about Ryzen BEFORE launch, why should we throw down cash without knowledge upfront?

  2. Who ever told you to do that? You’ve been given as much info as possible and the option to preorder it about 10 days in advance

  3. Sorry Intel, but we’ve been comparing the 1800x and 1700x to the 6900k while saying ‘so this compares to the $1000 intel chip …’ Dropping prices to $1000 makes no difference whatsoever. Come back when you offer that chip at $600.

  4. If they’ve got the goods, why not go live with the reviews now?
    When a video game is good, they don’t bother with embargos, they just let rip with the reviews.
    I’ve placed my Ryzen pre-order, but make no mistake, if this is bulldozer 2.0, the whole lot is going back, along with my good will towards AMD!

  5. When stuff leaks, people under contract to keep quiet are doing it anonymously; it isn’t officially AMD. But they aren’t chasing and firing people over it.

    Besides, we enthusiasts aren’t the only ones paying attention to these leaks, Intel clearly are if they are able to anticipate the debut by adjusting their prices.

    In a perfect world, if your competition never knew you had something big, their reaction would be delayed and advantageous to you, i.e. if you remember HD4870 vs GTX280. The AMD card debuted at $299 and nVidia debuted at $649, but the AMD card was only 17% slower in games.

  6. LMAO Yep way to go Intel it’s about time for you to stop over charging for your CPU’s. It is going to be great times to buy a new CPU for sure whether your going AMD or Intel.

  7. Yeah it is weird. If the chip is good, they should be all to happy to get that info out there.

    Is this another NO MANS SKY type of embargo?
    To be fair though, we have seen GOOD games get embargo’s too.

    My prediction- It won’t be all that great, certainly not as good as what many leaks claim, we shall see.

  8. It gives reviewers time to do the testing. It takes multiple days to do all benchmarking & overclocking.

  9. This is hilarious!!

  10. Considering the APU is outperforming the i5 (a dedicated cpu) I’d just say go for it…

  11. intel took 2 years to come up with kaby lake that is slower then the the cpu it replaced clock for clock
    oh i forget the gpu is 20% faster on it and the big big selling point it uses 91 watts wow what a power saving

  12. Its to stop the FUD that pops up before releases. AMD’s kinda sensitive to it due to its rep (whether warranted or not).

  13. Nobody is saying you should “throw down cash” before it launches. It’s entirely up to you to take a chance or not.

  14. Nice to see Intel getting a little antsy. Finally price competition after over 10 years of Intel monopoly domination and intentional slowing down of releases…

  15. octacore for 1000, meanwhile ryzen says high at half that price and more cores

  16. Yeah these prices are barely anything and Ryzen prices and performance still worth it.
    Laughing at intel

  17. Clement Wong Kin Sung

    well, we can’t really say much without major group of users giving feedback on the new ryzen chips