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Microsoft locks Ryzen and Kaby Lake users out of updates on Windows 7 and 8.1

It looks like Microsoft is starting to lock down system updates for those using AMD’s Ryzen and Intel’s Kaby Lake processors on older versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and 8.1. Users are now starting to encounter the following error message: “Your PC uses a processor that isn’t supported on this version of Windows”. This message appears when a user attempts to update their OS and a quick look at Microsoft’s support page reveals upgrading to Windows 10 is the only resolution.

Microsoft’s support page on the matter says that Windows 10 is the ‘only’ OS to support these updated hardware configurations. You will need Windows 10 if running Kaby Lake or newer, AMD’s Bristol Ridge or newer (this includes Ryzen), or the Qualcomm 8996 and want to receive important updates in order to remain secure.

This shouldn’t be entirely surprising news. Back in February we did hear that AMD wouldn’t be releasing drivers for Ryzen running on Windows 7 and Kaby Lake support on older operating systems has been up in the air since last year. That said, Windows 8.1 won’t hit its end of life until next year, so locking that OS out too seems like an overstretch, though it makes sense given Microsoft’s efforts to push people to Windows 10.

KitGuru Says: It seems that Microsoft is trying some new methods to get die-hard Windows 7 users to finally make the jump to more up to date software. Are any of you still running an older version of Windows? Would you try sticking to it if building a new system?

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  • Arran McDonald

    proper clickbait title MS didn’t lock them out they are just going to to spend money on software they dont want to support any more so they are just not getting the kernel updates to take advantage of newer instructions offered by the chips, they will run on them OS’s fine just the CPU will be at reduced ability.as older windows have no clue about newer instruction sets.
    Here is proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yXD8BpJMsI

  • Arran McDonald

    P.S. Matthew Wilson should be fired for wasting internet space with another as he gives no real evidence and have seen personally that this is not the case at all on kaby lake until you can show us this happening this article is a joke, Kitguru is getting just as bad as other sites with clickbait

  • Gary Keen

    He never said they won’t run the OS at all as you are implying. They’re just not going to get the support patches as mentioned “lock […] out of updates”

  • I don’t think you’ve fully understood what is being said here. Nobody said you couldn’t run Windows 7 or 8.1 on a Ryzen or Kaby Lake system. All we said is that Microsoft is actively blocking updates to systems featuring those CPUs and older versions of Windows. Where did this information come from? Well it came from Microsoft, you say I provide no evidence but the link to the support page is right there in the article clear as day.

  • Nice to see someone actually read the information and understood what it meant, rather than jumping to conclusions and massively over reacting 😉

  • Rocky40

    I am sorry but if true this is a really stupid move on MS’s part. I can’t see them locking users out of Windows updates because the CPU choice. This would lead to much much unwanted bad press when things go bad.

    Then again these days who knows what goes on at MS they want to force you to Windows 10 because it is now like a service and the older Windows is more like just standard software that MS can not inject stuff into such as ad’s if they wanted to or completely lock you out of your system or just get user data because of the way 10 is setup that way. I am not wearing a tin foil hat or anything I just know that MS did not give Windows 10 away for free for no reason at all at some point they will want to make money off of all those free hand outs. We will see what the next versions of Win 10 bring to us and how things will play out. I have a feeling at some point down the road we may need ad blockers for the Windows 10 OS itself who knows. Until then if it happens I just plan to enjoy my gaming system.

  • holycow

    Hmm, so I can get one of these new processors then run Win 7 as a VM under say Linux and get full update support, but can’t get update support if running on bare metal? MS really going out of their way to give the bird to those of us who prefer Win 7. I wonder if there’s a way to change what CPUID values are returned to the OS as a work around.

  • Mario

    Exactly the reason I’ll never buy another windows product!!

  • JeremyAtticusFinch

    I don’t see a problem.

    You can still install Windows 10 and activate it with Windows 7/8.1 product key.

    There’s no need to purchase a new copy of Windows.

    If you have software that’s incompatible with Windows 10, Intel and AMD still sell plenty of processors that are supported by Windows 7/8.1. You can also run those applications on a virtual machine.

  • If M$ is going to shove that piece of NSA spyware on my work desk PC then might as well settle for a Skylake Core i7 on my next build and give a middle finger to Intel and AMD by not purchasing their new processors. I can only hope that low sales will cause a PC market crash or something, though I don’t think that’s gonna happen seeing a lot of sheep PC buyers are falling for M$ scare tactics.

  • zero2dash

    Install updates manually; you don’t need WU to install updates. Use WSUS Offline instead, it’s a lot better anyway.

  • Lucas

    So your middle finger is to buy their product?

    And low sales of what? W10 is basically free, and the new AMD CPUs are so incredibly cheap compared to Intel that you’re crazy if you settle for outdated technology. The OS market is and has always been incredibly limited, whether you get screwed by Microsoft or ripped off by Apple. And for the large majority Ubuntu or such is not a viable option.

  • >”So your middle finger is to buy their product?”
    I was actually referring to not buying Kaby Lake and Ryzen processors.

    > “And low sales of what?”
    Of Kaby Lake and Ryzen processors. Those who have the balls to resist M$ will not buy such processors. By opting not to purchase the new batch of processors, I am depriving Intel and AMD some revenue, even if it’s by minuscule amount (like a tiny drop in an ocean).

    > “W10 is basically free”
    Yes, but it’s only for those who already have upgraded to W10 back when the free upgrade offer was still available. For new builders who didn’t make it, there’s no such option but to purchase W10 license.

    >”you’re crazy if you settle for outdated technology”
    If your definition of updated technology is a spyware-baked OS version and a processor locked to a said OS version then by all means enjoy your new PC. Big brother will be pleased with you.

  • If they are so interested in creating “NSA spyware” why did they back Apple’s refusal to help the FBI by creating a backdoor for the FBI in iOS? And why have they been in court for 2-3 years challenging a warrant telling them to hand over user data in a server bank in Ireland? Do you think they are ecclectic and not sure what they really want? Or are you perhaps wrong and they simply created a means to collect *anonymous* data that they can use to improve Windows 10?

  • I think his definition is not having a conspiracy theory with no evidence to back up the belief that MS are lying that the telemetry features of W10 are entirely annoymous, which would make them useless to the NSA.

  • You are right they did not give it away for no reason. Their reasons were to reduce the number of people on older Windows, which reduces their costs as eventually it gets to a tipping point where there is less versions of Windows that they need to support. The other reason was to make money. They do the latter by selling subscription services like One Drive and apps in the Store. The idea is that these methods will make them more money than the old way of selling Upgrade licences to users as that way never made much revenue. Almsot all revenue from consumers came from the selling of OEM licences.

  • Dromo

    I prefer Windows Nein , the german version .. However I could live with w10 +classic shell , but would prefer not to (w7)

  • Alana

    Because a lot of people don’t want to use Windows 10. I know someone who codes for MS and the ad situation is only going to get worse in the OS.

    Some people would rather just pay for a license and then not have to worry about banners and forced updates and unplanned reboots.

  • Howard Kurtus

    so what update do i have to uninstall to avoid this

  • Brad Adams

    The question is.. will WSUS install those “restricted” ryzen/kaby lake updates ?? anyone able to test ? I don’t yet have a suitable cpu to test.

  • Mike

    Yeah… the NSA REEEEEEEEEEEEALY CARES about what you are doing.

    What do you pirate tons of software or something?
    Are you into child porn?
    Do you traffic drugs online?


    What you are worried this is the start of some secret overthrowing of mankind? That everything is going to be terrible someday or something?

    We kill our kids in the womb. Can’t get much worse then that. Screw your petty concerns.

  • dineaudio

    I don’t care. I use Linux. They can shove their rotten spyware attempt at an operating system where the sun doesn’t shine. In the end only MS employers and shills will use Windows 10 because of this disgraceful abuse of a monopolist position for desktop PCs. People generally use desktop PCs less and less anyway.

  • dineaudio

    Exactly. All x86 compatible OSes have to work with the new processors just fine. They are trying scare tactics again and many not very computer savvy people will believe that their new computers won’t work with Windows 7 at all.

  • dineaudio

    You’re trying to be funny mister republican? Unsuccessful. Go troll Trump’s Twitter account. Don’t forget the church on Sunday.

  • dineaudio

    Do I see a MSCE diploma in the background of your avatar?

  • JeremyAtticusFinch

    Doesn’t seem like a MSFT problem.

  • Howard Kurtus

    so fucking stupid. we should start a campaign to switch every one to linux if microsoft is gonna pull this cheap shit

  • I wish I had one of the certificates MS offers. Those are very good for employment. But I cannot afford to get them.

    What you see is a sarcastic reply that points a small amount of the contradictions in the “NSA spyware” conspiracy theory.

  • Dennis Hearn

    This is a global construct…..plan to spy on everyone and have everyone under control eventually..win 10 is the start of all of this …with all future cpus only supporting win 10 its a work in progress..

  • Marcin

    KB4012218 and KB4012219

  • Uber Geek

    I am so pissed and upset… not enough booze in the house to drown my sorrows.

    I have been reading about the BS and though, I am a programmer, computer engineer… but I don’t want to mess with all the Windows 7 Updates I may be missing, to keep my system secure.

    I got a new Gaming Asus MB, 32G DDR4 RAM, 256G M.2 and Kaby Lake 7700k. So I went ahead and got a Win10 Pro license and installed it. Again, I am so f*king hating it.. I tried it when it first came out, and went back to Win7. I need stronger words to express my frustrations with… the slightest things like File Explorer. Triplicate copies and links to my files, automatically setup. And if you delete any of these you links, you cannot get them back. You didn’t delete the directory or files, just the link to them. I have been working to remove Libraries, This PC, Quick Access, (username) OneDrive, all in the left pane. WTF!

    I will now take my chances and installing Windows 7. It will be MUCH EASIER to monitor Microsoft’s update page than f*king fight the File Explorer, Start Menu, and 2 different “apps” to change your configuration, and Settings. WTF! Why!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!