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Intel Core i7 2600K and Core i5 2500K review

Now we have seen the basic performance of the Core i7-2600k processor, we wanted to compare it against the 3.06ghz Intel i7 950 processor. This is a similar four core design (with HT) and has been a big seller for Intel in the past, thanks to the excellent overclocking capabilities. This page concentrates on both processors at ‘out of the box’ settings.

The new i7 technology is certainly showing benefits. Later we will overclock the 950 to match the 3.4ghz clock speeds of the 2600k.

28% more rendering performance from the new 2600k when compared to the Core i7 950 of the last generation. Significant improvements.

Over 26 percent faster when encoding video, saving around 3 minutes time.

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