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Nvidia teams up with PC makers for GeForce GTX-branded SFF PCs

Nvidia Corp. on Wednesday said that it had teamed up with BitFenix, Overclockers.co.uk and PC Specialist for special edition small form-factor GeForce GTX-branded systems. The personal computers will come in BitFenix Phenom chassis with GeForce GTX “Claw” symbol and will mix high performance in games with small footprint.

The GeForce GTX Edition PCs come with Nvidia GeForce GTX 700-series graphics cards and are built using the legendary BitFenix Phenom micro-ATX small form factor chassis that feature side panels with a hand-crafted GeForce GTX “Claw” symbol. Combining an elegant, modern design with a flexible interior, the chassis is a perfect fit in virtually any environment, according to Nvidia and system builders.


Various versions of the GeForce GTX Edition PCs are based on Intel Core i5 or Core i7 4000-series “Haswell” central processing units, Intel Z87- or Intel H87-based mainboards from Asustek Computer, GeForce GTX 700-series graphics cards and so on. Depending on the model, select systems come with 8GB or 16GB of DDR3 memory, HDD or SSD and so on.


The GeForce GTX special edition small form-factor PCs are available in the UK from PC Specialist and Overclockers.co.uk starting from £750 and £532.94 including VAT, respectively. [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBFgPvfqWkw&list=UUB0Yy01s3APgbBETVA5B8pQ']

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KitGuru Says: Small form-factor gaming PCs are getting more and more popular nowadays thanks to the fact that even high-performance microprocessors no longer need extremely sophisticated cooling systems. As a result, the only really hot and power-hungry component of the PC is the graphics card. Provided that there is enough power for a high-end graphics board, the gaming PC will provide just fine performance even in demanding titles.

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