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Nvidia to detail GeForce GTX Titan X in mid-March

Nvidia Corp. made quite a surprise this week, when it unveiled its forthcoming top-of-the-range GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card at Game Developers Conference. Unfortunately, the company decided not to reveal a lot of details about its new flagship graphics card and while we do know that its performance is high, we have no idea how high it is. A good thing to know is that Nvidia plans to disclose all the details about the adapter in mid-March.

Nvidia plans to make public all technical specifications and key performance figures of the GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card at its GPU Technology Conference that kicks off on the 17th of March. It is possible that on the same date Nvidia will also reveal additional details about its product and architecture roadmaps and give a glimpse into the future of graphics processing units and GPGPU technologies.

There are a few things that we know about the GeForce GTX Titan X from official and unofficial sources already. The graphics card is powered by the code-named GM200 “Big Maxwell” graphics processing unit that is expected to feature 3072 stream processors, 192 texture units, 96 raster operations pipelines and 384-bit memory bus. The GM200 contains about eight billion transistors and is the world’s most complex GPU ever created. The GeForce GTX Titan X carries 12GB of 7GHz GDDR5 memory, has TDP of around 250W and supports up to 4-way multi-GPU configurations. The price of the card is expected to be around $1349, based on information from unofficial sources.


Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X will outperform previous-generation GeForce GTX Titan Black in all modern games and applications except those that require double precision FP64 compute capabilities. Even the GM200 will not be able to beat its predecessor, the GK110, in high-performance computing tasks (e.g., simulations) that require FP64.

Nvidia did not comment on the news-story, but confirmed that it will reveal more information about the Titan X during its GPU Technology Conference.

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KitGuru Says: While Nvidia will formally disclose all the details about the GeForce GTX Titan X at its GTC event on the 17th of March, it is completely unclear whether the company will let independent media to review the Titan X any time soon…

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