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AMD confirm XFX are now Red only

Three weeks ago, XFX spoke to KitGuru to tell them that they were no longer making nvidia graphics cards. Today it has been made official as we received an email from AMD's PR group informing us of the change. Better late than never chaps.

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“We are very pleased with XFX Europe’s decision to make AMD the sole provider of GPUs for its graphics cards in the region. This is a strategic win for AMD and will further enhance the scope and breadth of DirectX 11-capable systems available to our customers.

AMD has a deep commitment to PC gamers, PC game development and the PC gaming industry, and we are dedicated to working with our best-of-breed partners to help fuel innovation and create an exceptional gaming experience on the PC.

XFX is equally renowned for its gaming focus and by partnering with AMD, this is a win for consumers. Not only does XFX’s decision create a growth opportunity for both companies to more broadly reach the worldwide gaming technologies market, but it also provides us with collective force to more vigorously compete in the space.” – Darren Grasby, CVP, Sales EMEA.

KitGuru says: Will nvidia miss them? They will never admit it, but we think they will.

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