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GTX460 pricing set to rise up to $20 – strong nVidia move?

With the quarter’s results sorted and the threat of AMD’s Radeon HD 6850 and 6870 cards dealt with, it seems that nVidia might be pushing for addititional profits over the busy months to follow. KitGuru investigates.

With serious presure from competitors, the price of graphics cards almost always goes down. In rare moments, you actally get a price hike. KitGuru has just heard a rumour that, if true, would fly in the face of the market and establish 2 things very clearly.

One: That the GTX 460 is flying off shelves all over the globe, so nVidia feels no pressure to drop the price further.

Two: That nVidia’s $140m quartely loss was a one off and that Jen Hsun and Co are back on the path to profitability.

KitGuru reports the top news, as it comes to us, in our own exclusive style

Naturally, at times like this, our close friends in green have a habit of walking around like a dog with two dicks, but we don’t mind, the cards are very decent.

The extra dose of pride comes from the knowledge that, any day now, the GTX580 will be moving into stores across the world – redefining single GPU performance at the same time.

As far as the GTX460 story goes, we’ll know in a week or so if this is 100% accurate and how any channel price change will translate into a street difference.

KitGuru says: Things are heating up for Christmas and the GTX460 looks set to fill a lot of stockings. With increased demand in mind, we can’t see any significant price drops on this card.

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