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GTX 465 price breaks cover – Pilot error blamed

As reviewers across the globe add extra security to their networks to prevent AMD spies breaking in and discovering performance data, special launch information and street pricing – it takes just one site to undo all that good work.

News and reviews sites across the world have just been alerted to the presence of a GTX 465 card putting its head above the canopy on a pilot shop.

It is unusual to find such a story in the public domain, given how much time and effort companies like nVidia spend protecting their products from unquthorised/prying eyes

Including part of the NDA message with the story was very interesting as was the companies claim to offer “valuable inside knowledge”. No argument from us there.

We have no idea why they are selling Point of View graphic cards, maybe they know something about Fermi's Flight Sim performance that we don't. Can Point of View be blamed? Probably not. KitGuru put POV into a lot of search engines early today, and none of them gave us any indication of bad intention [Many results did not seem to have anything to do with graphics, which was confusing – Ed].

KitGuru says: We’re not saying another word on the subject. Our review and opinion will remain firmly under wraps until the agreed release date. Despite the fact that this company has destroyed a large chunk of the NDA with a nasty case of friendly fire.

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