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Galax RTX 2060 Super Star offers shroud customisation options

Have you ever looked at a graphics card and thought you could do a better job designing the look of the card? Well now you can with the new GeForce RTX 2060 Super from Galax, dubbed the ‘Super Star’, which features a fully customisable shroud.

In a nutshell, Galax's GeForce RTX 2060 Super Star features a transparent plastic shroud, which users can customise and personalise to their liking. The attached backplate of the Super Star can also be customised, while the plastic shroud features RGB lighting which is becoming the norm with PC hardware components.

The customisation aspect of the card is done in association with Chinese e-tailer Tmall, who currently offers several design options for the RTX 2060 Super Star GPU. There is also the option to send in your own design for them to pint out and implement onto the graphics card for you.

Other specifications of the Galax RTX 2060 Super Star follow Nvidia’s reference design, with 2176 CUDA cores, 272 Tensor cores and 43 RT cores. Like all RTX 2060 series cards, the Super Star will have 8GB of GDDR6 memory running at 1,750 MHz utilising a 256-bit interface, which will provide 448 GB/s memory bandwidth.

The Galax RTX 2060 Super Star features the same 1,470 MHz base clock frequency as the reference card; however, it has a 45MHz increase in boost clock frequency over the reference model, at 1,695 MHz. A single 8-pin PCIe power connector is required for external power.

The custom designs available from Tmall for the Galax RTX 2060 Super Star will set you back 3,499 Yuan, which is the equivalent of £445.79 at today’s exchange rate. It's unlikely UK buyers would be covered by a warranty as the card would ship from China, but it's certainly one way to get your next graphics card looking exactly how you want it.

KitGuru says: Would you like to customise your own card? We've only seen Tmall offer this service so far, but hopefully other sites will pop up and do the same. It certainly is very different and could prove popular.

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