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More GeForce GTX 1660 Super cards have been spotted

It seems more Nvidia GTX 1660 Super cards have been spotted online, with images, specification and pricing appearing in various places related to cards coming from EVGA, MSI, INNO3D, PNY and Maxsun.

The guys over at Videocardz posted on their website multiple images of potential Nvidia GTX 1660 Super cards coming from a range of different manufacturers. After the recent sighting of a Zotac GTX 1660 Super just a few days ago, rumour has it that the cards may even be released as early as next week.

Following on from previous rumours, the recent listings of Nvidia GTX 1660 Super cards pretty much confirm the new GPU will feature 6GB GDDR6 14 Gbps memory and the same number of CUDA cores (1408) as the non-Super models and a boost clock frequency of 1785 MHz. However, this is still to be confirmed officially by Nvidia.

From the recent round of leaks, we can expect new cards coming from various manufacturers, images of an EVGA GTX 1660 Super SC Ultra popped up on Videocardz, which look pretty real and Maxsun virtually confirmed the full specifications on its site for the GeForce GTX 1660 Super Terminator 6G, despite the fact the listing reads GTX 1660, it is clear the specs show something different.

Along with the two cards mentioned already, an MSI GTX 1660 Super Ventus card has appeared on LambdaTek to purchase for just under €305 and additionally, on the same website, an INNO3D GTX 1660 Super Twin X2 is available for around €270. PNY 1660 Super variants can also be found online with product codes VCG16606SSFPPB and VCG16606SDFPPB, which were picked up by momomo_us on twitter.

KitGuru says: It looks like we could be seeing Nvidia GTX 1660 Super GPUs coming anytime now since these leaks and rumours seem to be popping up daily. As soon as an official announcement comes from Nvidia, we will be sure to let you guys know. 

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