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Intel confirms 10nm chips still on track for 2017

Recently there has been some speculation surrounding Intel’s release plans for its 10nm chips, with rumours pointing towards a push back from the second half of next year. However, Intel has come out to clear the air and has confirmed that its 10nm release plans have not changed yet, with …

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Rumour suggests ‘iPad Pro’ will launch in November

It seems that Apple may actually launch its larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro this year, with a release date currently set for mid-November, just in time for Christmas, according to new reports. The iPad Pro has been foreshadowed for some time, with many expecting it to be pitched as a …

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Palmer Luckey corrects us on Oculus Rift CV rumours

For anyone that’s tried an Oculus Rift DK1, DK2 or better yet, a Crescent Bay prototype, one of the most common questions on their lips is: “when will the consumer version be released?” As if dangling a golden VR carrot in-front of our face, Oculus Story Studio’s supervision technical director, …

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Nintendo rumoured to be showing off new hardware at E3

Nintendo might be showing off some new hardware sooner than we thought, rumours are circulating from multiple sources close to Nintendo claiming that the company plans to show off a Wii U successor at E3 this year. This coincides with a patent Nintendo just filed for a handheld device with …

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Major changes are rumoured to be coming to the Apple TV

Apple seems to be gearing up for an overhaul of the Apple TV, recent changes to the company’s main website would suggest. The set top box device is now being promoted as a full product line alongside Macs, iPods and iPhones when previously, the Apple TV didn’t even have its …

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Next gen console prices predicted

While we don’t have any concrete pricing information on the next-gen consoles from Microsoft or Sony just yet, that doesn’t mean speculation isn’t abound. One analyst, by the name of Michael Pachter, has given a talk to investors in an E3 preview show and he thinks he’s got a handle …

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