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AMD might reveal its RDNA 2 GPU at CES 2020

According to leaker Wjm47196, AMD will unveil a new RDNA 2 Navi GPU at CES 2020. This leak comes alongside other rumours regarding the current Threadripper CPUs, the Radeon GPU lineup, and a new line of workstation products.

Based on the information posted on Chiphell, AMD will use CES 2020 to launch its upcoming second-gen Navi GPUs. This information fits the current AMD GPU roadmap, where the “Next Gen” segment points at a 2020 release for 7nm+ GPUs.

More information regarding the rDNA 2 architecture is yet to be confirmed, but it's expected to be “more power-efficient than First-Gen Navi GPUs”, offer more GPUs based on the architecture, and that those same GPUs will be using both GDDR6 and HBM2 memory, as per Wccftech. The only information confirmed by AMD is the 7nm+ process, though ray tracing support is also a strong possibility.

The remaining information leaked by Wjm47196, for the Radeon product lineup, suggests that AMD will launch another Navi 10-based graphics card in the upcoming months, and it was also noted that the 24-CU Radeon Pro 5500M GPU is exclusive to Apple and its new new MacBook Pro.

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KitGuru says: Like any other rumour, take this with a (large) grain of salt – but what do you think of the suggestion we may see more Navi GPUs at CES?

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