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Apple, AMD and Nvidia to reduce TSMC orders as demand drops

After the pandemic boom in the consumer electronics industry, things are dying out as inflation rises and countries lift restrictions. Whether we're talking about TVs, PCs, phones or any other consumer device, demand has dropped, forcing TSMC's biggest customers to revise their orders to the wafer manufacturer.

The report comes from DigiTimes (via RetiredEngineer), which claims Apple, AMD and NVIDIA plan to adjust their orders to demand. In other words, the three companies plan to reduce the wafer capacity allocated to each of them. Starting with Apple, the Cupertino-based company plans to reduce target shipments by 10% to 90M iPhone 14 units (reportedly in mass production).

Moving to AMD and Nvidia, the companies are dealing with a GPU market full of used graphics cards and a decline in PC demand. Starting with AMD, the 7/6nm wafer capacity allocated should reduce by 20K units in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. The 5nm capacity assigned to the red team will probably remain unchanged.

As for Nvidia, which is moving from Samsung to TSMC as its primary wafer supplier, the over-saturated market is also forcing them to reduce orders. However, TSMC is reportedly reluctant to alter the conditions. The semiconductor manufacturer seems willing to delay shipments by a quarter to Q1 2023, but Nvidia must find a customer to fill its spot on TSMC's capacity list.

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