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Bethesda representative says Intel Arc A770 GPU does not meet Starfield system requirements

Starfield is one of the biggest game launches of this year, and Intel knows it. That's why the company is focusing on launching graphics drivers to enhance the gaming experience for Arc GPU users. Intel has already released a driver that fixes some issues and recently launched another beta driver that promises more improvements. However, a proper game-ready driver isn't ready yet.

While Intel has fixed several flaws and included new optimisations, the list of known issues remains long. Nonetheless, given the conditions, Intel's steady supply of driver updates illustrates their dedication to improving the gaming experience and gives hope to Arc GPU owners that a Game Ready driver will eventually come out.

Image credit: Reddit (u/GeneralAkAbA)

However, some players are losing patience, such as Reddit user GeneralAkAbA, who contacted Bethesda for assistance. In response, Bethesda's customer service was told that the Arc A770 GPU does not satisfy the minimum specifications for Starfield, which call for an AMD Radeon RX 5700 or pr Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.

Ignoring the fact that the Arc A770 GPU generally outperforms the aforementioned cards, Bethesda's representative answer shows a lack of thorough instruction on how to fix or optimise the game for their hardware. As a result, Arc GPU owners may have to rely on Intel to handle difficulties that Bethesda is hesitant to address on its own. One can only hope that Intel and Bethesda are collaborating on Starfield optimisations and that Intel's “Game On” fully optimised driver for Starfield will be available soon.

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