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CES 2021: EKWB announces liquid-cooled workstations, a concept case and more

EKWB has released a number of new products for CES 2021. Besides new fittings, liquid-cooled workstations, two new motherboards, an external cooling unit for the Lian Li O11D, and an active-cooled backplate solution, EK has also announced a new concept case for liquid-cooled systems.

The new Fluid Works series is EK's lineup of custom-cooled workstation PCs. Configurable with up to 7 GPUS, the EK Fluid Works workstations “are designed for the most intensive professional visualization and data science workloads”. The EK Fluid Works will be divided into two series: the professional visualization-oriented Studio S3000 and S5000 models, and the X5000 and X7000 Compute models designed to handle deep learning and AI modeling applications.

EK's latest partnership with MSI resulted in the new MSI MPG Z590 Carbon EK X motherboard, which supports the upcoming Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S processors. Additionally, EK also partnered with ASUS to create the ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial motherboard, which features a “99.99% pure electrolytic copper” Ultrablock and also supports Intel 11th Gen core desktop processors.

The PowerColor Liquid Devil Series came as a result of EK's partnership with the GPU vendor. Offering a what EK says is a zero noise solution with exceptional temperatures thanks to the full-cover EK water block, the Liquid Devil Series GPUs will consist of both an RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT.

Another interesting announcement is the external cooling unit for the Lian Li O11D. If you own this case and want extra help to cool your components, EK's external cooling unit for the O11D features a built-in D5 and a small distribution plate that can be connected to two radiators. For the users that already have a pump, EK will give you the option of using a blocking plate.

EK's new active backplate cooling solution brings multiple benefits to a PC system. First, given that a backplate works as a heatsink, actively removing the heat from the PCB will result in lower temperatures. The new power-hungry GPUs will also welcome extra cooling capacity, modern graphics cards clock higher the lower the temperatures are. Moreover, EK says using thermal pads between the PCB and the backplate will decrease the vibration of the inductor coils and make the card's assembly sturdier, reducing the coil whine.

Lastly, EK also presented us with multiple new fittings, drain valves, plugs, and splitters for custom liquid loops, and a concept case of their own making. EK's new case features an open frame modular design, with a side tempered glass panel. It will feature VESA wall mount support and a unique mounting system to allow users to mount it on the backside of a desk.

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