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Intel Arc desktop graphics cards might be launching sooner than expected

So far, Intel has promised to launch the first Arc Alchemist series desktop graphics cards this summer. According to new reports though, the launch might be coming a bit sooner than expected. This week, sources claim that the A750 and A580 GPUs will be revealed later this month, followed by the A380 in July. 

Wccftech's sources claim the A750 and A580 may launch at the end of this month, with availability planned for June, followed by the A380. The report also notes that there will be an Intel desktop graphics embargo lifting between May 15th and June 30th.

Expected pricing has also been revealed, suggesting the A750 will cost about $350, rivalling the RTX 3060 in both price and performance. As for the A580, it should come in at $280 and offer the same performance as the RTX 3050. Lastly, the A380 should launch at around $150, standing toe-to-toe with the GTX 1650.

Besides the GPUs mentioned in this report, Intel is also expected to launch the A780, A770, A350 and A310 this year for a total of seven SKUs.

KitGuru says: The reported performance targets for these Intel GPUs suggest that team blue will be competing with up to the RTX 3070 for now. Hopefully the increased competition will help bring GPU prices back down to normal over the summer. 

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