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Intel Arc GPU drivers will include overclocking tools

Overclocking has always been a major subject in the PC enthusiast community. Most of us use third-party applications for that purpose, but AMD, for example, has already implemented overclocking features in its Adrenalin software. As it seems, Intel will follow that example, integrating overclocking tools for the upcoming Arc GPUs in its graphics drivers.

The reveal was made in a post published on Medium by Intel's VP and GM of client graphics products and solutions, Roger Chandler. Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, we expect these overclocking tools will allow users to adjust clock frequencies, power settings, and fan curves.

Roger also said the driver software will pack a virtual camera that uses AI to record game highlights, resembling Nvidia's GeForce Experience features. Considering its recording capabilities, streaming should also be possible through Intel driver software. On a more technical note, the upcoming Arc Alchemist GPUs will support DirectX 12 Ultimate API, which includes DirectX Raytracing, variable rate shading tier 2 and mesh shading. Additionally, Vulkan Ray Tracing will also be supported.

Scheduled to release in Q1 2022, the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs will be the first dedicated gaming graphics cards coming from Intel. These cards will be based on the TSMC N6 node, providing a 50% improvement in performance per watt and clock frequency at the same voltage over the previous generation.

KitGuru says: Intel is saying a lot of the right things, we've just got to wait and see how performance compares to the competition. 

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