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Intel could be launching a new GPU series every year until 2025

By now, most of you know Intel is planning to launch the first Arc Alchemist graphics cards next year, but there are successors already planned and based on new reports this week, it looks like Intel will be upgrading fairly quickly. According to an Intel Arc community advocate, we might get a new Intel GPU series each year until 2025.

Intel has already confirmed the names for its next four GPU architectures. Alchemist is the first, and will be followed by Battlemage, then Celestial, and finally Druid. According to Bryce, Intel's Arc Community Advocate, we will reach ‘Intel Arc Druid' series GPUs in 2025, but only if “all goes well”.

Considering the first GPU series is coming next year, and Druid is scheduled for 2025, Battlemage and Celestial would have to be in between, most likely one in 2023 and the other in 2024. This implies Intel will be releasing GPUs in a yearly cadence, at least until the Druid series. Plans from that point on are anyone's guess.

For now, not much is known about the GPUs following Intel Arc Alchemist. We know Battlemage will be powered by Xe² HPG and Celestial by Xe³ HPG. As for Druid, we only know it will be using Xe next architecture, which has yet to be detailed.

KitGuru says: If Intel launches GPUs with a yearly cadence, it will be releasing them more often than its rivals. With Intel delivering new GPUs at such a rapid pace, there could be increased pressure on AMD and Nvidia to deliver new graphics cards quicker. 

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