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Intel flagship Xe-HPG graphics card PCB leaks, late 2021 release possible

The latest report on Intel Xe-HPG graphics cards includes a lot of new details about the upcoming GPU family. The PCB Intel is using for its flagship DG2 desktop graphics card has also leaked, giving us our best look yet at what to expect from Intel in the graphics card space. 

Moore's Law is Dead's latest video brings numerous updates following earlier reports. As it seems, the 512 EU SKU is now boosting above 2.2GHz, and the current TDP target is now less than 235W.

Performance claims also suggest that performance has increased a bit. Most still claim it's similar to an RTX 3070 Ti, but some benchmarks put it “just below the RTX 3080”. Raytracing is stated to be “competitive”, but Nvidia likely still has the upper-hand here.

Moreover, multiple sources confirmed that there will be 256-bit, 192-bit, 128-bit, and 64-bit SKUs. The pricing of these cards is expected to be “aggressive”, with the flagship SKU coming in between $349 and $499.

As for the photo of the 512 EU model's PCB, there are some interesting things to note. Looking at the size of it, it seems bigger than Nvidia RTX 30 series' PCB, but considering this is an engineering sample, it may still be reduced. You can also see the PCB supports 2x soldered 8-pin power connectors, with room for a couple more.

If you pay attention to the photo, you can also see there are 8x memory slots around the GPU, therefore an 8/16GB configuration across a 256-bit memory bus is indeed possible.

The Xe-HPG 512 EU GPU is expected to release in Q1 2022, but a limited/paper launch in Q4 2021 is still a possibility. The first graphics card to release should be the 512 EU model, followed by the 128 EU and 256 EU models.

KitGuru says: It's still a bit hard to believe that Intel is about to launch a series of graphics cards to compete against Nvidia and AMD. There are still some questions around performance, pricing and availability versus the competition to consider. 

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