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Intel has some odd system requirements for installing an Arc Alchemist graphics card

With Intel Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards already available in select regions, Intel has decided to publish a quick start guide for the upcoming GPUs. In this guide, Intel lists the system requirements for these graphics cards, including compatible processors, necessary features of the motherboard and OS prerequisites.

Starting with the hardware requirements, you'll need a 400/500/600-series motherboard paired with a 10th/11th/12th Gen Intel Core CPU. Moreover, the motherboard requires a full-size PCIe 3.0 (or newer) x16 slot and Resizable BAR/AMD Smart Access Memory support. However, considering Intel states the latter requirement is to ensure “optimal performance in all applications using Intel Arc A-Series graphics,” it may be just a recommendation rather than a strict requirement.

Intel added that other platforms/motherboards supporting Resizable BAR / Smart Access Memory might also be compatible with Intel Arc A-Series graphics, so expect the list to update over time.

Operating system requirements include:

  • Windows 10 64-bit 20H2 or newer
  • Windows 11 64-bit
  • Confirm the Operating System is using the GPT partition type:
    • For Windows 11, this mode is configured by default.
    • For Windows 10, the partition type can be converted if installed with an MBR partition type.

If you're unsure if your system supports the upcoming GPUs, you may use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to check if you have a compatible system.

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KitGuru says: We can understand the OS requirements for the new Intel GPUs, but the hardware requirements not so much. The 10th Gen Core chips and the 400-series motherboards were released just two years ago. On top of that, not all 400-series motherboards support Resizable BAR, heavily limiting the number of systems that can use Intel's new desktop GPUs.

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