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Intel ramps up development on next-gen Battlemage and Celestial GPUs

Intel's rollout of Arc Alchemist GPUs hasn't exactly gone to plan, as product launches have slipped over the course of this year. Still, Intel plans to have new desktop graphics cards available before the end of the year, and the company is already preparing for future generations of hardware. 

In an interview with PCGamer, Intel's Tom Petersen, stated “we're not going anywhere”. Currently, Intel has its GPU ASIC team working on Alchemist and the architectures that will succeed it. The vast majority is focused on Battlemage, with smaller portions of the team putting the finishing touches on Alchemist, and putting the foundations in place for Celestial.

As for the drivers' team, most of them are working on Alchemist, improving game compatibility, fixing issues with the drivers, and so on. However, a few members have started to dedicate some time to Battlemage, doing emulation, simulation, and some pre-silicon work to accelerate the release of Intel's next generation of  GPUs.

Lastly, Tom Petersen added that Intel's plan starts with the volume segment of the market. After that, Intel plans to add layers on top of layers until they reach the high-end and stay competitive with its rivals.

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KitGuru says: Intel has a GPU roadmap in place and is determined to stick to it. Hopefully Battlemage has a smoother rollout compared to first-gen Alchemist products. 

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