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Intel seemingly leaks Arc A-series desktop GPU specs

When Intel announced its new Arc A-series laptop GPUs, it also began teasing its upcoming desktop graphics cards. While showcasing the Arc Control software suite, Intel seemed to go a step further and reveal specifications for one of its desktop GPUs. 

Intel Arc Control Centre's Live Performance Monitoring works much like other GPU and system monitoring tools. It allows you to see operating frequencies, voltages, utilization, temperatures and power usage.

The video showcases just that, but 3DCenter noticed something interesting during the few seconds we can see the Live Performance Monitoring panel. Not only has the GPU Power hit 175W (TDP/TBP should be higher), but we can also see a 2,250MHz core clock speed and the memory clocked at 17.5Gbps (1,093MHz x 16), while the GPU was being 99% used.

These specifications don't match any known Arc A-series mobile GPU. First, there's no Intel mobile GPU with a GPU Power higher than 150W (A770M). Second, no A-series laptop GPU has its memory clocked at 17.5Gbps (maximum is 16Gbps). As for the core clock speed, we're not sure if there are mobile SKUs that can reach these speeds while boosting.

Previous leaks also mentioned 175W as the lower power limit for the DG2 desktop graphics card, matching the metric shown in the panel. Moreover, there were reports that the desktop cards could feature 18Gbps memory modules, so a 17.5Gbps memory clock is reasonable.

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KitGuru says: We can't say for sure that this is a desktop GPU, but it sure looks like one. Of course, there's also the chance these are just “dummy metrics” for the demonstration video. In any case, we'll be able to confirm this info when Intel details its upcoming desktop graphics cards.

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