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Leaked Intel slide details Arc Alchemist laptop GPU memory specs

While we wait for a more precise date for the release of the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs, a slide showing the memory configuration of the laptop SKUs has been leaked. As it seems, there will be five SKUs in total and up to 16GB of VRAM. 

Reading the table shared by HXL, we find the DG2-512EU SKU in the first column. Featuring 16GB of memory (2GB x 8 modules) clocked at 16Gbps across a 256-bit memory bus, we have a maximum bandwidth of 512GB/s. The I/O voltage in this SKU is set at 1.35V.

Moving on to the DG2-384EU SKU, this one packs 12GB of memory on 2GB memory modules clocked at 16Gbps. By using a 192-bit memory bus, bandwidth maxes out at 384 GB/s. Like the DG2-512EU SKU, the 384EU one also has its I/O voltage set at 1.35V.

In the middle of the hierarchy, there's the DG2-256EU SKU packing 4x modules of 2GB of memory, for a total of 8GB of VRAM. The memory runs at 16Gbps across a 128-bit memory bus for a maximum bandwidth of 256GB/s, while the I/O voltage is set at 1.35V.

Lastly, the DG2-128EU and DG2-96EU share the same 4GB memory configuration and I/O voltage of 1.25V. Using a 64-bit memory bus and up to two modules of 2GB of memory running at 14Gbps, bandwidth is limited to 112GB/s.

Intel expects to launch the DG2 laptop GPUs this quarter, most likely in March.

KitGuru says: The table doesn't include the rumoured DG2-448EU SKU, but that doesn't mean we won't see it in the desktop lineup.

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