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New AMD Navi 2x variants and Nashira Point GPU spotted online

References for a few unannounced AMD GPUs were discovered over on the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) this week. So far, we know that two of these are new Navi GPUs, while the third is a new listing mentioning a Nashira Point GPU. 

AMD's current line-up of Radeon graphics card only includes the Navi 21-based Radeon RX 6800, RX 6800XT, and the RX 6900XT, but graphics cards using Navi 22 GPUs are expected to be unveiled during CES this month.

Spotted by @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, USB-IF added three new entries mentioning a Navi 2x XLE variant, a Navi 2x XTXH variant, and a Nashira Point GPU. It's unclear which Navi 2x GPU the listings refer to, but based on the Radeon RX 6900XT which uses the Navi 21 GPU, the XTXH could either be a lower or higher tier Navi 21 GPU (Radeon RX 6900?) or a Radeon Pro graphics card. Considering that the Radeon RX 5600XT used the Navi 10 XLE, the new Navi XLE GPU listed on USB-IF could well be a low-tier Navi 21/22 GPU.

Another interesting theory that Redditor uzzi38 shared is that the Navi 21 XTXH might be a Navi 21 GPU with an HBM2(E) controller. The first signs that Navi 21 GPUs would come with GDDR6 and HBM2(E) controllers were found a few months ago, on a firmware extract from the macOS 11 Beta, but AMD hasn't shown a Navi 21-based graphics card using HBM2 yet.

The third listing refers to a Nashira Point GPU, which is likely an internal codename. Unlike other codenames from the Navi 2x line-up (Navy Flounder and Sienna Cichlid), this one doesn't seem to fit in the fish nomenclature.


KitGuru says: What do you think we'll see from Radeon this year? Are you expecting more high-end GPUs, or do you think the focus will be on mid-range and lower-cost solutions? 

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