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Nvidia ‘Blackwell’ architecture to succeed ‘Hopper’

It's common to see Nvidia naming new GPU architectures after renowned individuals. We've seen it multiple times, from Maxwell to Ampere and including the upcoming Ada (Lovelace) and Hopper. Based on a new report, it seems Nvidia will continue this trend, naming Hopper's successor Blackwell.

The group behind a recent cyberattack on Nvidia have started to share their findings. According to VideoCardz, some of these stolen files mentioned ARCH_BLACKWELL, confirming the rumour from kopite7kimi. However, these mentions alone don't specify what type of architecture this is.

A few hours later, VideoCardz received pictures showing segments of files mentioning Blackwell, as well as Ada and Hopper architectures. As per these pictures, the Ada architecture will feature five SKUs: AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, AD107 and AD10B. As for Hopper and Blackwell, each architecture will have two SKUs, whereas the former has GH100 and GH202, and the latter has GB100 and GB102.

David Harold Blackwell was an American statistician and mathematician who contributed to statistics and game, probability and information theories. Known for his work on the Rao–Blackwell theorem, Infinite Games and Analytical sets, he proved Kuratowski's theorem, interconnecting the game theory and topology for the first time.

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KitGuru says: What other renowned mathematicians and scientists will Nvidia honour with its future GPU architectures? Any suggestions?

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