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Nvidia CMP 170HX screenshots and photos show a 164MH/s mining beast

Nvidia has officially announced four CMP mining graphics cards at this point, but it looks like a fifth one will be on the way soon. At least one person has been able to get hold of a CMP 170HX and based on their testing, it offers a 164 MH/s hash rate while consuming 250W of power.

The Nvidia CMP 170HX was first mentioned back in June 2021 by HXL, the same leaker that spotted the screenshots of the CMP 170HX uploaded by Codefordl on Zhihu. Back then, not much was known about the card, but now that we have a GPU-Z screenshot detailing the card.

Based on the GA100 GPU, the CMP 170HX has 4,480 CUDA cores enabled out of the 8,192 cores on the die. The GPU comes with a 1140MHz base clock, boosting up to 1410MHz. For memory, there's 8GB of HBM2E SK Hynix memory, offering a maximum bandwidth of 1.493GB/s. As per the GPU-Z screenshot, the card runs on PCIe 1.0 on four lanes, despite featuring a 16-lane physical interface.

Some of the shared screenshots also show the card's mining performance, and as it seems, it's in line with expectations. Out of the box, the card offers a 164MH/s hash rate and consumes about 250W of power. The card should perform better once overclocked, but unfortunately, the current BIOS version doesn't support it.

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KitGuru says: Overall, this card looks to be extremely efficient at mining, but with no pricing information available, it's hard to work out the ROI. 

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