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Nvidia CMP 30HX graphics card shows up at retail with crazy price tag

It looks like retailers are beginning to receive stock for Nvidia's upcoming CMP 30HX mining graphics card, but early indications of pricing seem unrealistic. A Palit Nvidia CMP 30HX appeared at one retailer last night, with a hefty $700 price tag. 

The Palit CMP 30HX listing appeared at Microless (via @momomo_us). The listing details a few unannounced specifications, including the fact that the card is based on the TU116-100 GPU, the same GPU found on the GTX 1660 Super. Other details include 6GB of GDDR6 memory and base/boost clock speeds of 1530MHz/1795MHz. The card has a 125W TDP and is powered with a single 8-pin connector.

The oddest part about the listing is the price tag, which works out to be around $723 USD. For reference, the original GTX 1660 Super launched with a $229 price tag. Given that this is an early listing though, it is possible that the price tag was just a placeholder.

The Nvidia CMP 30HX is expected to be capable of mining Ethereum at 26 MH/s, which could be improved on with some overclocking. The CMP 30HX is going to be Nvidia's entry-level mining graphics card, so there will be other options available with higher hash rates. Since this is a mining card, it does not include any video outputs.

Nvidia is expected to release the CMP 30HX soon, followed by the CMP 40HX in Q2 2021. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru says: There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Nvidia's CMP plans, but hopefully official news is coming soon. If retailers are receiving stock, then announcements shouldn't be too far behind. Are any of you interested in Nvidia's CMP cards at all? 

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