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Nvidia DLSS 2.0 to receive a ‘Ultra Quality’ preset, new version surfaces

Nvidia might be preparing to launch a new DLSS mode called ‘Ultra Quality'. Listed as a placeholder in Unreal Engine 5's DLSS documentation, details about this setting are still scarce, but looking at the 1.30x factor of the AMD FSR's ‘Ultra Quality', the new DLSS mode may follow that example.

At the moment, the best DLSS setting is Quality, which has a scale factor of 1.50x. A scale factor of 1.50x means it upscales the rendering resolution by 1.5x times, equivalent to rendering at 66.6% of the native resolution.

As for AMD FSR, the best setting is Ultra Quality, which renders at about 77.7% of the native resolution and has a 1.30x scale factor. Considering Nvidia lacks a setting with such a scale factor, it seems only logical that it will create one in response to AMD, and according to u/Reinhardovich, it seems that's exactly what Nvidia will do.

The UE5 documentation that mentions the new DLSS setting tells us it “offers the highest image quality”, so we expect it to be superior to the ‘Quality' setting in terms of visual fidelity. As per UE5's documentation, this mode should not be visible to end-users, suggesting it might still be in development.

The following table summarises the resolution and scale factor in different modes and at different base resolutions:

Mode Scale factor 3840×2160 2560×1440 1920×1080
NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling
Ultra Quality TBA TBA TBA TBA
Quality 1.50x 2560×1440 1707×960 1280×720
Balanced 1.72x 2227×1253 1485×835 1114×626
Performance 2.00x 1920×1080 1280×720 960×540
Ultra Performance 3.00x 1280×720 853×480 640×360
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
Ultra Quality 1.30x 2954×1662 1970×1108 1477×831
Quality 1.50x 2560×1440 1707×960 1280×720
Balanced 1.70x 2259×1270 1506×847 1129×635
Performance 2.00x 1920×1080 1280×720 960×540

The same user that noticed the new DLSS setting also found that UE5 already has a new DLSS version – v2.2.9. Some have already tested this new version and compared it with previous ones, as you can see by Alexander Battaglia's tweet. In one comparison, it looks the same as 2.2.6, but in the other comparison, it adds some undesirable artefacts. This new version of DLSS hasn't been released yet, so bugs are expected.

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KitGuru says: Nvidia's new DLSS mode will be welcomed by many. The Quality setting already provides a good balance between visuals and framerate gains. However, a new higher DLSS setting could offer an even better visual experience while still offering an FPS increase.

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