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Nvidia introduces six new RTX workstation desktop and mobile GPUs

Nvidia will expand its RTX A workstation series with two new desktop GPUs and four laptop GPUs. During GTC, the company also revealed two entry-level mobile GPUs based on the Turing GPU architecture without RT or Tensor cores.

Up to now, the Nvidia RTX A6000 was the only desktop workstation graphics card featuring the Ampere architecture, but two new SKUs are on the way to accompany it. During Nvidia's GTC 2021 keynote, the company unveiled two new RTX workstation cards: the RTX A5000 and the RTX A4000. Nvidia has also announced four RTX workstation laptop GPUs – RTX A2000, RTX A3000, RTX A4000, and RTX A5000 – and two entry-level workstation laptop GPUs – T600 and T1200.

The following tables (via HardwareLuxx) include the specifications of each RTX A and T workstation series graphics card. The first table only includes the RTX A desktop SKUs:

RTX A6000 RTX A5000 RTX A4000
GPU GA102 GA102 GA104
Transistors 28 billion 28 billion 17.4 billion
Fabrication Node 8nm 8nm 8nm
Chip size 628.4mm² 628.4mm² 392.5mm²
FP32 ALUs 10,752 8,192 6,144
INT32 ALUs 5,376 4,096 3,072
SMs 84 64 48
Tensor cores 336 256 192
RT Cores 84 64 48
FP32 performance 38.7TFLOPS 27.8TFLOPS 19.2TFLOPS
RT performance 75.6TFLOPS 54.2TFLOPS 37.4TFLOPS
Tensor performance 309.7TFLOPS 222.2TFLOPS 153.4TFLOPS
Memory bus 384-bit 384-bit 256-bit
Memory bandwidth 768GB/s 768GB/s 448GB/s
TDP 300W 230W 140W

As seen by these specifications, Nvidia is upgrading the whole lineup. The RTX A5000 and RTX A4000 are way above their predecessors, offering more than double the FP32 and rendering performance and 5x more AI performance (10x with sparsity). Additionally, each card also comes with more 8GB VRAM than its predecessor. Both cards come with 4x DisplayPorts 1.4. The RTX A5000 features a dual-slot design and vGPU and NVLink support. The RTX A4000 comes in a single-slot design but does not feature NVLink or vGPU support.

The next table includes the specifications of the upcoming RTX A workstation laptop GPUs:

RTX A2000 RTX A3000 RTX A4000 RTX A5000
GPU GA106 GA104 GA104 GA102
Transistors 12 billion 17.4 billion 17.4 billion 28 billion
Fabrication Node
8nm 8nm 8nm 8nm
Chip size 276mm² 392.5mm² 392.5mm² 628.4mm²
FP32 ALUs 2,560 4,096 5,120 6,144
INT32 ALUs 1,280 2,048 2,560 3,072
SMs 20 32 40 48
Tensor cores 80 128 160 192
RT Cores 20 32 40 48
FP32 performance
RT performance 18.2TFLOPS 25.0TFLOPS 34.8TFLOPS 75.6TFLOPS
Tensor performance
Memory bus
128-bit 192-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Memory bandwidth
192GB/s 264GB/s 384GB/s 448GB/s
TDP 35-95W 60-130W 80-140W 80-165W

The wide range of RTX A laptop GPUs allows users to choose which one is better to fulfil their needs. From the GA106 to the GA102, each GPU offers varying levels of performance. All RTX A workstation laptop SKUs will feature Dynamic Boost 2.0, WhisperMode 2.0, Resizable BAR, and NVIDIA DLSS technology, offering a powerful and portable solution for professionals working with AI, data science, 3D modeling, and more.

Lastly, this table features the specifications of the T workstation laptop GPUs:

T600 T1200
FP32 ALUs 896 1,024
INT32 ALUs 896 1,024
SMs 14 16
Tensor cores
RT Cores
FP32 performance 2.5TFLOPS 3.7TFLOPS
RT performance
Tensor performance
Memory bus 128-bit 128-bit
Memory bandwidth 160GB/s 192GB/s
TDP 25W 35-95W

None of these two GPUs feature RT cores or Tensors cores, and only offer 4GB of GDDR6 memory. Nonetheless, these entry-level workstation GPUs should offer superior performance compared to iGPUs. 

The new Nvidia RTX desktop GPUs are scheduled to launch later this month. The RTX laptop GPUs will be available on mobile workstations starting Q2 2021.

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