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Nvidia may revise full RTX 30 line-up with crypto mining limiter

It seems that Nvidia's RTX 3060 won't be the only SKU featuring the crypto mining limiter. We've already heard rumours that the RTX 3080 Ti may come with the limiter in place, but new sources point towards the whole RTX 30 range being updated with it. 

According to new reports, there will be GPU revisions featuring the crypto mining limiter at the software and hardware level. As reported by Igorslab, the GA102 GPU used on the RTX 3080 cards will be updated to GA102-202 GPU, while the RTX 3090 cards will come with the GA102-302 GPU. Trying to mine with one of these new GPUs using the beta driver 470.05, which bypassed the mining limiter, will cause a black screen.

It is also said that all RTX 3080 Ti qualification samples that were sent to AiBs will have to update to the latest firmware. Once updated, it's not possible to turn it back to the older version.

Renowned leaker @kopite7kimi commented on the RTX 3060 updated crypto mining limiter, saying that we should expect to see other GPUs receiving a revision to implement the crypto mining limiter. Besides mentioning the GA102 GPU and upcoming revisions, we should also see the same happening to the GA104 GPUs, which will most likely become the GA104-202/302, depending on the SKU.

If Nvidia introduces new GPU revisions to the whole RTX 30 line-up, it may also enable Resizable BAR support by default. According to VideoCardz, revised versions of the RTX 30 series should begin circulating in May.

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KitGuru says: Lets all hope this results in more GPUs available for consumers, while crypto-miners can turn to the CMP HX series for mining rigs. Do you think these new RTX 30 revisions will start to improve the stock situation? 

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