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Nvidia RTX 30 Super series specs may have leaked

Rumours around the RTX 30 Super series continue to pick up steam. This week, a known leaker claimed that there would be four RTX 30 Super SKUs, including an RTX 3060 Super, RTX 3070 Super, RTX 3080 Super and an RTX 3090 Super. Some alleged specifications for these GPUs were also shared. 

The alleged specifications were shared by @kopite7kimi, who has a good track record. The RTX 30 Super series is expected to include the RTX 3090 Super, RTX 3080 Super, RTX 3070 Super and RTX 3060 Super. These SKUs are expected to come out in early 2022.

As for the specifications of each SKU, the RTX 3090 Super will share a lot with RTX 3090, maintaining the memory configuration but increasing the number of CUDA cores from 10,496 to 10,752. The RTX 3080 Super also comes with a similar increase in CUDA cores, from 8,704 to 8,960, but it will feature more memory, increasing from 10GB to 12GB GDDR6X. Then we have the RTX 3070 Super, which will remain almost the same as the RTX 3070 but uses GDDR6X memory instead of GDDR6. Lastly, there's the RTX 3060 Super, which is expected to feature 5,632 CUDA cores, increasing from 4,864, and the same memory configuration as the RTX 3060.

While this is what the leaker reported, they did add a disclaimer, as there is doubt over some of these specs, as well as doubt over the naming of the RTX 3090 Super.

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