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Nvidia’s flagship mining card tipped to offer twice the performance of RTX 3090

According to a couple of sources this week, Nvidia is planning on releasing a very high-end CMP HX series crypto-mining card. A flagship model featuring the GA100 GPU is apparently on the way, expected to provide a hash rate of up to 210 MH/s – double the mining performance of the RTX 3090. 

Initial word on this new CMP HX flagship was shared by @kopite7kimi, a known leaker with a good record of previous Ampere leaks. In this tweet, the leaker only claimed that the “A100 is a mining monster” but didn't detail mining performance.

In response another leaker, @I_Leak_VN, stated that the upcoming CMP HX series card would be named 220HX, featuring an eye-boggling hash rate of 210 MH/s and a $3,000 price tag. Compared to the RTX 3090, the CMP 220HX  delivers twice as much performance for Ethereum mining, which would justify the price tag for mining farms.

Initially introduced almost a year ago on the A100, the GA100 GPU is the highest tier Ampere GPU to date. Unlike the GA102-powered GPUs, the A100 uses HBM2 instead of GDDR6X. The card features 5 stacks of high-speed HBM2 memory clocked at 2.4Gbps across a 512-bit memory bus. This results in 40GB of VRAM and a maximum bandwidth of 1555GB/s. As for power consumption, the A100 card's TDP is rated at 250W.

Considering the current DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) to mine Ethereum occupies about 4GB of VRAM, Nvidia could reduce costs by using a single 8GB HBM2 memory stack.

Currently, we do not know when this new flagship mining card will hit the market. Currently, Nvidia is starting at the bottom of the stack with the CMP 30HX and 40HX cards, both based on Turing GPUs and expected to release before the end of Q1. In Q2 2020, we will see the release of the CMP 50HX and the first Ampere-powered mining card, the CMP 90HX.

KitGuru says: In today's market, it's hard to believe that such a powerful and efficient card would launch at $3000, but if it does, it would probably revolutionise the mining ecosystem. Do you believe Nvidia would launch the alleged CMP 220HX at $3000? Would you consider buying one (or a few) for mining at that price? 

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