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8Pack is back with another extreme PC – introducing the Frame R8!

Overclockers UK has announced the latest system from renowned overclocker 8Pack. The new Frame R8 system is 8Pack's first full AMD build, featuring a Ryzen 9 5900X CPU and a Radeon RX 6800 XT, both of which have impressive overclocks applied for the very best possible performance. We chat with 8Pack about this new rig and discuss what makes it so special.

The Frame R8 system aims to be the ultimate wall-mounted PC with an open frame design. As you would expect from any 8Pack system, it is fully water-cooled and all hardware has been custom tuned, with a 4.7GHz overclock on the 12-core Ryzen 9 5900X and a 2650MHz overclock on the Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card. The Crow chassis being used here was also co-designed by 8Pack, making it a perfect choice for this new build.

Here is the full spec sheet:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU Overclocked to 4.7Ghz
  • AMD Radeon 6800XT GPU – Overclocked up to 2650MHz
  • ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark hero X570 Motherboard
  • 2X 1TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Drives
  • Team Group Dark Pro 8PACK EDITION 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 3600MHz Dual Channel Memory Kit (tuned on all timings for optimum performance)
  • ASUS ROG THOR 850W 80 PLUS PSU with Custom Braided Cables
  • “The Crow” Case by Creative Solutions for Gamers
  • EKWB Custom Water Cooling
  • Mayhems Fluid
  • Aquaero 6 LT Fan Controller by Aqua Computer

We had the opportunity to discuss this new system with Ian ‘8Pack' Parry today, with our first question being ‘what makes this an 8Pack system compared to other pre-built systems available at OCUK?' The simplest answer to that is quality assurance, support, customisation and chip binning:

“Only the best 10% binned CPUs go into this machine”, 8Pack told us. Customers can expect “4.7GHz all core and 5.15-5.2GHz single to four core boosts depending on workload”.  Of course, the CPU is just the beginning, 8Pack also delivers full memory tuning, GPU overclocks and direct pre-sales advice for the best possible configuration based on customer needs. For an extra personalised touch, “full custom modifications are available, including colours, painting etching etc”.

Previously, most 8Pack systems have been Intel based but this time around, AMD components were selected instead. Speaking on this decision, 8Pack said:

“8Pack is totally brand agnostic and I select only the best components for a given task. The Frame R8 as configured uses an AMD CPU as this is the current leader in games and the current multi-thread leader also. So easy decision on that. I chose AMD GPU for its solid performance and real competitive edge in some applications versus the competition. Its gaming on older titles that don't use ray tracing for example is on top of the pile in many scenarios.”

The Frame R8 isn't a one-size fits all solution, there are configuration options available beyond what's displayed on the spec-sheet. However, changes are all subject to stock availability:

“We will of course advise any perspective customers of the build waiting times when they look to order. Configurations are from 5900x ,5950x or 3970x on CPU, yes different platforms but all work fine. Up to 256GB memory on 3970x, from 6800XT to any dual GPU solution. Storage of course can also be added to without issue up to a maximum of one extra SSD and then up to 8 NVMe drives on a Threadripper platform with dual GPU.”

Of course, we were also intrigued to hear how these impressive overclocks were achieved. As mentioned previously, chip binning has a big role to play here:

“Binning is the key to finding components to reach these frequencies. Roughly only 10% of CPUs can reach the clocks advertised here. Without binning there is very low chance to reach these figures. Also of course a very good knowledge of overclocking is needed to reach these headline figures and how to set criteria for hardware screening. Each system is hand tuned including the memory to very exacting standards. We tune all sub timings again for all different memory options. Without experience, time, resources and knowledge no gamer could do this.”

The finished version of the Frame R8 system weighs in at over 15KG, but that load is spread out on the wall mounting bracket without applying too much weight on each fixing screw. The rig can also just stand on a desk. In terms of thermal performance, we are told that “the CPU is never above 85°C on very heavy multi-thread workloads”. While gaming, the system “doesn't even reach 70°C even with the power limit raised and overclock applied”.

The starting price for an 8Pack Frame R8 system is £8,499.95 and configuration options can bring that final number up. Not every configuration option is listed directly on the order page either, but those looking for something specific can get in touch with the OCUK team to make requests for the build and go over the ‘hidden' options. Given the high price tag, build times and limited supply of binned hardware, these aren't going to sell by the hundreds or thousands, but the OCUK team expects “to sell a couple of this unit per month”, alongside other 8Pack systems.

You can see the full Overclockers UK 8Pack systems range, HERE.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of the latest build from 8Pack? If you had the money to spend, is this a system you would buy? 

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