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Palit announces four triple-fan GeForce RTX GP graphics cards

Palit has launched a new batch of GamingPro graphics cards. The newly released models consist of four Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards: two RTX 2080 Super, the GP and the GP OC, and two RTX 2070 Super, the GP OC and the GP Premium.

The Gaming Pro graphics cards feature a triple-fan cooler with ‘0-dB TECH', meaning that the fans won't start spinning until the temperature reaches 60ºC. These also come with a backplate for reinforcement, and RGB lighting that can change colour based on the graphics card temperature: green when below 50ºC, blue when between 50ºC and 80ºC, and orange when above 80ºC.

Starting with the RTX 2070 Super cards, both come clocked at 1605MHz base, the same as the Founders Edition. Regarding boost clocks, the GP OC model comes with a boost clock of 1800MHz, while the GP Premium comes with 1815MHz. The memory clock of both cards remains the same as the standard, which is 14Gbps.

For the RTX 2080 Super cards, Palit kept the GP model clocked at Founders Edition speeds, which are 1650MHz for the base clock and 1815MHz for the boost clock. On the other hand, the GP OC model had a slight bump in the boost clock, increasing it to 1845MHz, but the base clock stands at 1650MHz. Just like the RTX 2070 Super cards, the memory clock was untouched, meaning that both come clocked at 15.5Gbps.

To learn more about these graphics cards, you can click HERE for the RTX 2070 Super cards, or HERE for the RTX 2080 Super cards.

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