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Rumour claims RTX 4090 doubles performance over RTX 3090 in Time Spy Extreme

Nvidia has not yet announced its next-gen GeForce RTX graphics cards, but several leakers have been discussing the upcoming GPUs for months. In the latest update, one leaker claims that the RTX 4090 will be particularly impressive, doubling performance over the RTX 3090 in the 3DMark Time Spy Extreme benchmark. 

Twitter user ‘kopite7kimi' is back with another RTX 4090 rumour. This time around, they claim that the upcoming GeForce flagship is particularly strong in 3DMark Time Spy Extreme, scoring over 19,000 graphics score points. Unfortunately, there is no link to the benchmark results, but assuming a benchmark run did take place, it would have been on pre-production drivers and firmware, which makes the final score more impressive.

To put this value into perspective, that's over 65% more than your average RTX 3090 Ti and over 80% higher than most RTX 3090 cards. Still, it is also worth noting that Time Spy Extreme is just one benchmark, so we may not see the same kind of performance gains across other synthetic benchmarks or real-world scenarios.

Currently, the RTX 4090 is rumoured to pack a GPU with 16,384 CUDA cores and 24GB of GDDR6X memory at 21Gbps across a 384-bit memory bus, with a 450W TDP. Nvidia is also expected to announce the RTX 40 series later this year.

KitGuru says: Given the supply and demand situation this generation, many are still waiting to upgrade and a good chunk of people who would have bought an RTX 3080 six months ago are now likely waiting to see what RTX 40 brings to the table. With that in mind, it is going to be very interesting to see the price to performance ratio for Nvidia's next generation graphics cards. 

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