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Xe-HP driver confirms Intel DG2 GPU with 448 Execution Units

So far, most Intel Arc Alchemist (DG2) rumours have mentioned three SKUs for desktop – the DG2-512EU, the DG2-384EU and the DG2-128EU. As it seems, there may be another high-end SKU in the works, with Intel's Xe-HP graphics driver pointing to the existence of a DG2-448EU graphics card. 

The mention was found by Coelcanth's Dream (via VideoCardz) on Mesa, the open-source driver for OpenGL and Vulkan. The driver update was published by Franciso Jerez, a member of Intel's open-source driver team, and is said to significantly improve performance in specific workloads on all DG2 graphic solutions. Perez used the DG2-448EU GPU as an example, showing a 20-40% performance improvement in various games and benchmarks with the new driver update.

Various leakers, including @TUM_APISAK and Moore's Law is Dead, have mentioned this SKU in the past, but we have yet to have confirmation that Intel will include it in its launch line-up. In terms of performance, this particular GPU should be capable of RTX 3070-level performance.

Memory configuration and TDP of the DG2-448EU GPU is still unknown, but we may learn more about it as we get closer to the launch of the Arc Alchemist series in Q1 2022.

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KitGuru says: It seems we have a new Intel GPU to consider, but whether or not this particular GPU will release still remains to be seen.

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