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Acer unveils its new beastly gaming desktop and ultra-wide monitor

Acer is expanding its well received Predator lineup again this week, adding in a brand new desktop system featuring either SLI GTX 1080Tis or CrossFire RX Vega64 graphics cards as well as an all new ultra wide Predator series monitor. The 35-inch Predator X35 is the successor to the X34, retaining the 3440×1440 resolution but jumping up to a 200Hz panel instead.

Let’s start with the new desktop system. KitGuru was at the reveal event and managed to snap some pictures, which you can see in the gallery below:

The desktop system is known as the Predator Orion 9000 and it is the most powerful system Acer has ever produced. It comes with options for up to 4 graphics cards and up to 18-core CPUs, so depending on how much cash you have to spend, you can configure this to be an insanely powerful PC. The Orion 9000 comes with liquid cooling and Acer’s IceTunnel 2.0 system, which keeps temperatures down by monitoring ‘hot zones’ in your system and speeding up fans where necessary. The GPUs all feature blower-style coolers so heat won’t be dumped directly into the system, heating up other components in the process.

On the GPU side you will have the choice of either Nvidia or AMD, while on the CPU side, Acer will be offering Intel’s new Core-X series processors. Acer will offer versions of the Orion 9000 with CPUs all the way up to the 18-core Core i9 Extreme Edition and up to 128GB of quad-channel DDR4 memory.

The second product Acer had to show off today is the Predator X35. This is a 35-inch 21:9 ultra-wide monitor with an 1800R curve, 3440×1440 resolution, G-Sync and HDR. The panel itself is Quantum Dot, so image quality and colours should be excellent. This also allows for much higher native refresh rates, with this monitor set to deliver a blazing fast 200Hz and just a 4ms response time.

At that size, resolution and refresh rate, you are hitting the sweet spot on all points for gaming. The only downside is the Predator X35 won’t be available until Q1 2018, so there is still a long wait ahead before you can get your hands on one.

KitGuru Says: Acer’s new desktop system seems incredibly powerful and well built but as an ultra-wide monitor enthusiast, the Predator X35 has me the most excited. The Predator X34 is a great monitor but the 100Hz overclock isn’t always the most reliable and backlight bleed can be a problem. With the X35, neither of those things should be an issue anymore, which is awesome.

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