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AMD and Nvidia GPU prices continue to fall in Europe as availability improves

The final five months of 2021 saw continued GPU price increases across Europe. In January, the tides started to turn, with prices for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs beginning to drop, and that trend has continued into February.

3DCenter.org has been doing a great job of tracking retail GPU prices across Europe over the past year. According to their data up to the 13th of February, AMD's RX 6000 GPUs are now selling at 45% above MSRP on average, which is down from 63% one month ago. We can see examples of  this here in the UK as well, with one Radeon RX 6600 XT currently in stock and down to £449.99, and another RX 6600 down to £399.95.

Nvidia graphics cards have also dropped in the last month, but are holding their inflated prices a bit better. In January, Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs were selling for 77% above MSRP on average at European retailers, but that number has dropped to 57% in February.

There is a chance that GPU prices drop further in the second half of the year as availability improves. The cryptocurrency market has also been dropping and Ethereum mining is also expected to move away GPUs and cut hardware requirements this year.

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KitGuru Says: GPU availability appears to be improving with retailers getting better stock levels more often. Are any of you still trying to get your hands on an upgrade in 2022? Will you pick up a current-gen GPU if the opportunity arises, or will you be waiting for new GPU launches at this point? 


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