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Fortnite’s Uncharted crossover includes both film and game skins

As Fortnite continues to crossover with more and more franchises, Epic Games has had to make a number of decisions regarding design choices while attempting to find a balance between offering skins that players actually want, and skins which are simply used for marketing. In the case of the Uncharted crossover, Fortnite is having its cake and eating it too.

Though not yet officially announced by Epic Games themselves, Fortnite leaker Shiina posted an official trailer for the upcoming collaboration. Set to go live on the 17th of February, this collab aligns nicely with the upcoming release of the Uncharted film – which is arriving worldwide on the 18th of February (though it is already in cinemas in the UK).

As the Uncharted film is likely to be introducing new fans to Nathan Drake and his companions, the skins available to purchase in Fortnite use the likeness of actors Tom Holland and Sophia Ali who are playing Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer respectively.

Fortunately for fans of the games, Drake and Chloe will also appear as their video game forms in alternate skins. Of course, as Fortnite runs on a different engine to Uncharted, and also features an entirely different art style, the video game models are original for Fortnite – although they do manage to accurately capture the essence of the characters for the most part.

Currently, we do not know whether each variant of Drake and Chloe’s skins will have to be purchased separately or if each skin comes with the other already unlocked – or maybe you’ll even have to complete a number of challenges. We will have to wait until the crossover is officially announced by Epic Games…but that is likely to be sooner rather than later.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the skins? Would you purchase them? Which Tom Holland skin do you prefer? Let us know down below.

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