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AMD reaffirms RX Vega will launch within two months

While the recent release of the Radeon RX 500 series didn’t exactly set any new performance records for AMD, things are looking promising for the RX Vega. In fact, things have been looking promising on the Vega front for many months now, so where exactly is it? Well this week, AMD reaffirmed that its next high-end GPU is still on track to launch this quarter, meaning we should see it some time in the next two months.

Over the last few months, we have seen plenty of leaks regarding the RX Vega graphics card. For starters, back in December, we got a brief early look at Vega performance in both DOOM and Star Wars: Battlefront. In February, AMD confirmed the RX Vega nomenclature and in March, we spotted Vega device IDs in drivers, while also learning that the GPU will likely arrive in 4GB and 8GB HBM2 variants.

AMD has yet to narrow down an official release date for the RX Vega but in response to fan questions on one of AMD’s official Facebook pages, a company representative confirmed that Vega would still be releasing this quarter. Given that this quarter ends in June, we can expect Vega to launch within the next two months, assuming no unexpected delays occur at the last minute.

The RX Vega will spark AMD’s return to the high-end GPU market. Current rumours pin the RX Vega as a competitor for the GTX 1080Ti but that won’t be confirmed until reviewers get their hands on it for independent testing.

KitGuru Says: I’m looking forward to finally seeing the RX Vega in action myself, though it is taking a long time to come to market. Hopefully the wait will be worth it in the long run though. How many of you are currently waiting to grab an RX Vega?

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  • fore1gn

    Waiting, but the price will matter most. The GPU is very large (530-560 mm2?) and HBM2 costs a bunch. I’m not setting my expectations too high, somewhere around 1080 and 1080 Ti levels of performance, but what if the price will be higher due to the huge die size and HBM2 being expensive?

    I also really hope they let Sapphire and other board partners tinker with it this time, otherwise I may hold off from buying it entirely. We’ll see soon enough, Computex can’t come faster!

  • ZMe Ul

    “this quarter” – isn’t what they said last quarter?

  • No, that was Ryzen. Vega has been 2Q16 for a long time now.

  • Si C

    Tried to wait for Vega but I caved and got an Aorus Ti with an Asus PG279Q. Glad I did tbh, it’s an incredible pairing!!! The fluidity of the panel still has me in awe (with the Ti able to push the frames up that high!). More than happy 🙂

  • topdown

    AMD have said that partners will be able to do pretty much whatever they like with it – From day one. The cost will be competitive, it’ll have to be. AMD has no high performance market aside from Fury but that’s getting old and there have been better alternatives.

  • Rocky40

    Good to hear I can not wait to see the reviews of the new cards. I really hope it pans out to be a great Graphics card. I plan on upgrading my cards in my main gaming system this sept which is inline with a Bday present to myself…:)

  • Lelisevis

    I came so close to buying a 1080 this weekend that I had one sitting in my basket at Scan. At £475 it’s getting harder and harder to resist but my wife says if I wait one more month she’ll put the extra money towards at 1080ti. Secretly though in my heart I’d absolutely love a Vega just because I hate how Nvidia has been dictating the crazy prices of GPU’s for the last few years.

  • Ish Ahmed

    I am sitting here on nearly my 5th year with my 7950. AMD knows full well there still a ton of people with a 680/7970 or similar card, looking to upgrade (thus AMD’s release of 500 refresh to reel those people in lol). More than likely, in reality these same people don’t care about 500 series and will still await Vega in hopes of a crazy generational leap. Vega is the one. A crazy, full generational leap over GCN,that is very similar to that of the 6970 to 7970 (200% faster+Tier 3 DX12+Dx11 features like tes. and async enabled). Times are different. Unlike before AMD is completely over the acquisition of ATI and have matured GPU R&D massively since then.

    Oh, the hype is going be unreal once the spicy leaks come out LOL

  • ドラゴン LOVE

    Your wife controls your money? Dude what?

  • Josh Morland

    “How many of you are currently waiting to grab an RX Vega?” Lol…In other words, still waiting for Vega.

  • goldenboy77

    whats its going to be 80% of a 1080 failure out of the box

  • En Zilla

    Dude what? Could be a gift.

  • Ish Ahmed

    says the guy with dragon maid pic lol. あんたはどうやて払う?かわいい女の子になることでするか?(how do you pay? Do you do it by becoming a cute little girl)

  • Mike Jackson

    an underclocked vega engineering sample smoked the OC 1080 lmao, good luck with that.

  • Loiswwilson

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  • Darren Ivers

    waiting patiently for Vega
    System will be
    32 GB Ram (3200Mhz)
    And the top tier Vega card (unless of course its worse that a 1080 TI)

  • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

    Are they too scared 2 release?

    Or theyre just making sure the top model card beats the 1080Ti

  • WhiteSkyMage

    Id go with dual Vegas, just to make sure I got no upgrades for the next 4 years or so 🙂 25TFlops should be enough to clean the floor with any new game launch. Even one Vega will, but I let’s just go 2, for the #PCMasterRace 😀

  • James Hall

    Either that, or they don’t want to release it with unfinished testing. They may not have been all over the news about it as much as Vega, but the 1080 Ti didn’t happen over night either, neither did the Titans.

    It makes it seem like such a long wait by having so many teasers before launch.

  • James Hall

    This is true. I believe it was a 1200mhz core clock sample that was rated about 20% faster than a GTX 1080.

  • bonomork

    waiting for Vega due to my LG34UC88 with freesync

  • Watcher

    I’m sitting on 2 Nvidia GTX 970’s. Vega here I come.

  • BeehiveRound

    By the time this releases I’m not going to care. They haven’t had an impressive card relatively speaking since the 290X, so basically in 3 years they have not come out with anything that blows the socks of nvidia in any way.

  • David Wilson

    If you didn’t want to pay that much you could have bought a mid-range Nvidia card, which cost less and were completely competitive price-wise with anything AMD had. I was using a 7970 until last summer, couldn’t stand the noise/heat anymore though, so jumped for a GTX 1060 (my first Nvidia card ever) for something like $210 in July. Absolutely ZERO regrets.

  • tyler1489

    I am waiting for vega as well, I have 29um69g-b but I will be getting the cheaper 1070 competitor for vega.

  • tyler1489

    you mean 2Q17*

  • tyler1489

    you mean 1080Ti*

  • http://i.imgur.com/MZzoSAF.gif

    Nice catch. Thanks. Fixed it.

  • bonomork

    I have an MSI 980Ti gaming. 1070 is ok fine @ 2560×1080 but forget the 75Hz. With nVidia cards you will get frame skipping.

  • Lelisevis

    It’s not the money that’s the issue it’s more my run of luck lol, I know I’d buy a 1080 and the next day Vega would be launched. A 1060 would be more of a side-grade and I like to get 3-4 years from a card that’s why I’ve had the 290X from launch. To me it doesn’t make a lot of sense buying the lower tier cards, the 1060 is already limited at 1440p and that’s what I’m gaming at now. 1440p is definitely going to move towards minimum resolution over the next year or two as 4k becomes more popular.

  • IronMetal 🤘 lɐʇǝWuoɹI

    I know I’d buy a 1080 and the next day Vega would be launched


  • Chris S

    I’ve been having difficulty getting 32GB of ram working at that speed in all 4 dimms. using only 2 I can get 3200 using corsair vengence lpx 3200

  • Roy Wright

    Just built an R7 1700 system with the Asus Crosshair 16gb 3200mhz ram, and a (RX480 :/ ), seriously need a much faster gpu, computex is when Vega will be officially released, but stock won’t be available until June late June probably, and here I am itching to pull the trigger on a zotack amp exteme GTX 1080! AMD seriously are taking too long!

  • Roy Wright

    Up you soc/uncore voltage, raise your ram voltage, up your vtt, and llc! You’ll be fine!

  • Dess_Aramae

    You will be in for a very long wait with regards to Star Citizen.

  • Matias

    I cant wait for Vega!, 1080 Ti owner here 🙂