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AMD reaffirms RX Vega will launch within two months

While the recent release of the Radeon RX 500 series didn’t exactly set any new performance records for AMD, things are looking promising for the RX Vega. In fact, things have been looking promising on the Vega front for many months now, so where exactly is it? Well this week, AMD reaffirmed that its next high-end GPU is still on track to launch this quarter, meaning we should see it some time in the next two months.

Over the last few months, we have seen plenty of leaks regarding the RX Vega graphics card. For starters, back in December, we got a brief early look at Vega performance in both DOOM and Star Wars: Battlefront. In February, AMD confirmed the RX Vega nomenclature and in March, we spotted Vega device IDs in drivers, while also learning that the GPU will likely arrive in 4GB and 8GB HBM2 variants.

AMD has yet to narrow down an official release date for the RX Vega but in response to fan questions on one of AMD’s official Facebook pages, a company representative confirmed that Vega would still be releasing this quarter. Given that this quarter ends in June, we can expect Vega to launch within the next two months, assuming no unexpected delays occur at the last minute.

The RX Vega will spark AMD’s return to the high-end GPU market. Current rumours pin the RX Vega as a competitor for the GTX 1080Ti but that won’t be confirmed until reviewers get their hands on it for independent testing.

KitGuru Says: I’m looking forward to finally seeing the RX Vega in action myself, though it is taking a long time to come to market. Hopefully the wait will be worth it in the long run though. How many of you are currently waiting to grab an RX Vega?

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