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CES 2019: ASUS launches ROG Matrix RTX 2080Ti with integrated liquid cooling

While much of today's news so far has focussed on the RTX 2060 launch, there are higher-end GPUs getting exciting announcements today too. Asus has unveiled the ROG Matrix RTX 2080Ti, a 3-slot flagship GPU with a completely integrated closed-loop liquid cooling set up- no additional radiators or tubing required.

The ROG Matrix RTX 2080Ti uses what Asus likes to call the ‘Infinity Loop'. Under the GPU shroud, you will find a closed loop all-in-one liquid cooling solution. There are still three fans on top for additional cooling but the bulk of the heat will be managed by the integrated AIO. The story doesn't end there though, ROG Matrix cards are specifically binned for guaranteed overclock speeds.

Out of the box, the ROG Matrix will be the fastest aftermarket RTX 2080Ti around with a boost clock speed of 1815MHz in OC mode. In regular ‘gaming mode', the card still clocks in at 1800MHz, which is still a good improvement over the Founder's Edition, which has a boost speed of 1635MHz.

The ROG Matrix packs a larger heatsink that covers both the GPU die and GDDR6 memory modules. According to Asus, the cooling solution used here beats out 120mm AIO solutions and can even trade blows with 240mm AIOs. We'll need reviews to verify this, but so far, the ROG Matrix is sounding very promising.

Pricing and an exact release date have yet to be confirmed. However, given that the ROG Stix RTX 2080Ti sells for £1,500 here in the UK, the Matrix is going to end up being very expensive.

KitGuru Says: Given that these GPUs use binned chips, I would be interested in seeing how far it could be pushed with a manual overclock. Someone is going to need to have a lot of money on hand to see one of these in action though. 

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