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EK has launched a Titan V water block

Chances are, if you have $3000 or £2,700 to spend on a graphics card like the Nvidia Titan V, then you'll have a bit extra to invest in proper cooling. It has taken a little while to develop, but Titan V owners can now shift from the GPU's reference cooler to a water block, thanks to the launch of the EK-FC Titan V.

Today, EKWB launched the EK-FC Titan V, a full cover water block for Nvidia's Volta-powered beast. The water block directly cools the GPU core, HBM2 memory and VRM modules, with water channeling directly over these areas. The added cooling will help with sustaining higher clock speeds and ensuring peak performance without the worry of thermal throttling. You can check out the block itself in the images below:

The EK-FC Titan V block features a central inlet split-flow design, which has better hydraulic performance, allowing this block to be used in a loop with weaker water pumps. The base of the block is made from nickel-plated copper while the top comes in an acrylic or Acetal version depending on preference.

Other features include a single-slot I/O bracket so that you can make more room in your case for other GPUs or expansion cards and finally, two backplates are also available, which you have to pick up separately. The black backplate will begin shipping on the 27th of February and the Nickel backplate will begin shipping on the 5th of March.

Here are all the pricing details:

  • EK-FC Titan V Acrylic: €129.95
  • EK-FC Titan V Acetal: €129.95
  • EK-FC Titan V Backplate Black: €33.95
  • EK-FC Titan V Backplate Nickel: €39.95

KitGuru Says: Given that referenced cooled GPUs tend to run very hot, I'd seriously consider switching over to a water block. Particularly for something like the Titan V, which only comes in reference form with no partner-cooled cards available. Are many of you currently running a reference design GPU? Are you thinking about water cooling it?

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