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GeForce Special Event scheduled for the 1st of September

Following on from yesterday’s teaser and the kick off of Nvidia’s Ultimate Countdown, the GPU giant has confirmed the date and time for its next ‘special event’. The key thing to note for our readers is that this will be a GeForce focused event, meaning we are likely to see new gaming graphics card announcements. 

Nvidia’s countdown ends on the 31st of August to coincide with the 21 year anniversary of the GeForce 256, Nvidia’s first GeForce GPU. Then, on the 1st of September at 5PM BST, a GeForce Special Event will begin, featuring Nvidia founder and CEO, Jensen Huang.

Of course, there are no further official hints as to what will be announced but as many recent rumours and leaks have predicted, we are likely going to see the next generation of GeForce RTX GPUs, with availability apparently scheduled for some time in September.

Hopefully this will also lead to a new wave of RTX-supported games and perhaps some more announcements on the future of DLSS 2.0. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any extra information in the weeks to come.

KitGuru Says: It looks like new GPUs are just on the horizon. Will you be tuning in for the big unveiling on September 1st? 

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