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Intel begins hyping up its discrete GPU plans, doubles down on 2020 launch date

Late last year, we learned that Intel was making the bold decision to enter the discrete graphics card market. The ball got rolling with a slew of high-profile hires and now, the teasing has begun, with Intel aiming for a 2020 launch date.

Yesterday, Intel finally began posting to its Intel Graphics Twitter account, with the first tweet being a teaser video for its future graphics card. The video promises to ‘set graphics free' in 2020.

Intel's discrete GPU development has been underway since late last year, when former Radeon Technologies Group lead, Raja Koduri, joined Intel– specifically to work on graphics. After that, Intel also picked up Chris Hook from AMD's marketing department.

Intel stated back in June that it would be aiming to launch a discrete GPU in 2020, and with this most recent teaser, the company is doubling down on that front. Two/three years seems like an incredibly ambitious timeline to put together a GPU, and Intel has missed its own deadlines in the past. Either way though, the company seems to be pushing forward with this goal in mind.

KitGuru Says: The graphics card market could use some competition, although nowadays, gaming makes up a fraction of the overall revenue stream. Databases, workstations and AI have also become core focusses, so we still don't know which area Intel will be tackling first. At any rate, 2020 is shaping up to be an interesting year. 

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