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IGN removes all Filip Miucin’s content as more examples of plagiarism surface

Ever since Filip Miucin’s public ejection from IGN, the publication has continued to monitor accusations of his plagiarism as examples have continued to flood in left, right and centre. In order to avoid further damage, IGN has opted to remove all of Miucin’s content since he was hired in October 2017, filtering through what can go live once again.

The controversy began when YouTuber Boomstick Gaming revealed that the former IGN writer had lifted many elements of his Dead Cells review just two weeks after publication. Miucin’s attempted apology video to IGN and developer Motion Twin was poorly received, criticised for its omission of any true apology to the original creator of the content as well as playing victim to Kotaku’s Jason Schrier, who was blamed for inciting “a gigantic lynch mob” against the former writer. “You can keep looking Kotaku, and please let me know if you find anything,” Miucin said before the video was removed.

Miucin’s reviews for FIFA 18 and Metroid: Samus Returns were highlighted on his personal YouTube channel as being derivative of NintendoLife and Engadget’s pieces respectively, however more examples have been brought forward on ResetEra since. A number of similarities were found between Miucin’s Beyonetta 2 review and Polygon’s, with just two weeks between each publication. Miucin can be heard speaking NeoGaf member Cartho’s description of HD rumbling verbatim, even passing off the user’s belief as his own opinion. Perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth, however, was his Octopath Traveler op-ed that lifts from IGN’s very own review.

IGN reviews editor Dan Stapleton took to Twitter to state that enough evidence had been brought forward for the site to begin making amends, starting with the removal of any and all Filip Miucin content. While Stapleton calls this a “process” in that it will take some time, the aim is to filter Miucin’s content through for eventual republication when it’s confirmed that it is original work. Despite being a large undertaking, IGN also hopes to review the affected video games once again with a different author, much like its effort with Dead Cells.

“Deeply disappointed and upset that it’s looking more and more likely that we unwittingly hosted work that was directly lifted from or at best heavily derived from others,” wrote IGN editorial manager Justin Davis on Twitter. “I assure you we are taking very active steps to remove it all, and make it right. I feel betrayed.”

KitGuru Says: If it wasn’t clear before, it is now that Miucin’s work crosses the line of unacceptable for any reputable site. It’s good to see IGN taking such a staunch stance against it, not forgetting the publishers and developers caught in the crossfire.

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