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Intel Core i7-8809G with RX Vega on board graphics appears online

Last year, Intel and AMD made its long rumored collaboration official, with Intel announcing that its new Core-H series processors would use on-board graphics from AMD's Radeon team. Since then, things have grown quiet, but this week, Intel began listing the specs for its Core i7-8809G CPU, featuring RX Vega.

The Core i7-8809G is a quad-core processor and is listed among Intel's ‘unlocked' processors on Intel's official website. The list is sorted by maximum TDP, so the Core i7-8809G is found sitting between the Core i5-7640X and the Core i7-8700K. Intel's Core-X series i5 uses 112 watts at maximum, while the new Core i7-8809G is targeting 100 watts. The 8700K sits below this with a 95W maximum TDP.

The Core i7-8809G will have four cores and eight threads and will support dual channel DDR4 memory up to 2400MHz. For graphics, the Intel HD Graphics 630 will be present, but crucially, so will a Radeon RX Vega M GH chip, which will offer greatly improved performance.

Some final little tidbits from the listing include a 3.1GHz clock speed and 8MB of cache. The 8809G is currently believed to be the highest performing chip to come out of the Intel/AMD collaboration, with other CPUs including the Core i7-8705G and the 8706G. There might be more SKUs in development, but these are the ones we know about for the time being.

KitGuru Says: Currently these processors are slated to hit the market at some point before the end of March, so we should begin hearing more soon. Perhaps we'll get a quick look at what these chips can do at CES next week.

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