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MSI is offering up to £94 cashback on motherboards and GPUs

Whenever you are looking to upgrade or build a whole new rig, it is always important to shop around for offers. This week, MSI has announced that it is running a cashback promotion on some of its graphics cards and motherboards, which could net you a saving of up to £94 or €110.

Those purchasing a qualifying product from the UK or most EU countries between the 14th of April and 14th of May can claim cashback. If you buy a motherboard, you can claim up to £43 back, you can also claim up to £43 back on GPU purchases. If you buy a motherboard and a GPU together, then MSI will throw in a little extra cashback to sweeten the deal.

If you are buying an MSI GTX 1080, you can claim £43 back, if you are buying a GTX 1070, then you can claim £34 or £25 back depending on the model and if you are buying a GTX 1060, then you can claim £13-£17 back depending on the model.

The list of qualifying products is a lot longer when it comes to motherboards. Something like the MSI GODLIKE Gaming will net you £43 back, while the Gaming 7 X99A motherboard will get you £34. You can find the full list of qualifying motherboards and their cashback worth, HERE.

If you buy a motherboard and GPU and claim cashback for both, you may be eligible for an extra £4-£8 cashback on top.

KitGuru Says: PC gaming isn’t necessarily a cheap hobby, so it’s always a good idea to check around for offers like this. Are any of you guys planning on buying some new PC hardware soon? What are you picking up?

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  • Antony Oldham

    Don’t bother I was meant to get £30 back on the MSI Z20 gaming M7 keyboard but they never sent it, even after chasing them.

  • Nett Bill

    wat no x370